Do You Need A Specialized Skid Steer Trailer?

Heavy pieces of construction equipment are only beneficial if you can transport them to your construction site.

Transporting heavy equipment requires access to a solid and strong trailer. There are many types of trailers that can be used to haul your construction equipment, but not all of these trailers are created equal.

If you are planning to transport a skid steer, you should plan to use a specialized skid steer trailer instead of a standard equipment trailer. These specialized trailers offer a number of unique benefits that you won't get from a standard equipment trailer.

1. Lower Deck Height 

One advantage that a skid steer trailer has over a standard equipment trailer is a lower deck height. Having the trailer a couple of inches closer to the ground makes it a lot easier to load and unload a skid steer safely.

When using a standard equipment trailer, you must exercise extreme caution to prevent your skid steer from tipping over during the loading and unloading processes. A tipped skid steer puts the safety of the operator at risk and could cost you quite a bit of money to repair.

Opting for a specialized trailer with a lower deck height can enhance safety and help you keep your skid steer upright at all times.

2. Narrower Deck Width

Another way that skid steer trailers and standard equipment trailers differ is in their deck width. Equipment trailers are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of equipment. Since skid steers tend to be one of the smaller pieces of equipment that you will transport, you don't need the added deck space.

In fact, a trailer deck that is too wide could pose a problem when it comes to the integrity of your tie-downs. The tie-downs will need to stretch further to read each D-ring and secure your skid steer on a standard equipment trailer. This places added stress on the tie-downs and could increase the chances of tie-down failure.

A skid steer trailer will have tie-down points located close to your equipment for easy and safe transport.

3. Trailer Lip

Skid steer trailers have a small lip around the front and sides of the trailer deck. This lip is designed to prevent your skid steer from rolling off the trailer if a tie-down breaks while you are in transit.

Standard equipment trailers don't have this failsafe feature, so your skid steer could become a serious safety hazard to everyone on the road should it break free on a standard trailer en route to your construction site. 

For more information about skid loader trailers, contact a local company.