5 Tech Features You Can Get Even In A Used Car

If you are looking at purchasing a used car, you can easily find a vehicle with some pretty cool technology features. Most car dealerships sell models that are coming off of a lease on the used car market, allowing you to purchase a vehicle that is only a few years old for a used car price. Even with a vehicle that is only a few years old, you can still enjoy some pretty cool tech features.

1. App Controlled Vehicle Infotainment 

Many vehicles now allow you to use different smartphone apps to control your vehicle's infotainment display. This allows you to do things such as control the navigation via your phone or stream audio from your phone to your vehicle. This helps eliminate driver distractions and connect your phone to your vehicle.

2. Blind Spot Monitor

A blind-spot monitoring (BSM) system is essential in any modern vehicle. With a BSM system, there are sensors that are located on your vehicle, which are designed to pick up when another vehicle is in your peripheral vision. These sensors will alert you when someone is in your blind spot so that you don't make a sudden move that will put you in danger.

How the system works depends on the vehicle. For example, if you put on your turn signal and someone is in your blind spot, your vehicle may make an auditory noise. Alternatively, lights on your side mirrors may illuminate to let you know someone is on your blind spot on that side of your vehicle. Light may also illuminate on your dashboard.

3. Advanced Headlights

Next, you will want to look for a vehicle with advanced headlights, such as high-intensity discharge (HID) or LED headlights. Both HID and LED lights help to illuminate the road better. You will be able to see better when you have higher-quality lights to illuminate things.

4. Ventilated Seats

Heated seats have been around for a while, but ventilated seats are newer. Ventilated seats help to cool you down in one of two ways. They either suck in hot air and blow it out elsewhere. Or they blow out cold air onto your backside, cooling you off. This is a new feature that you can find in more recently used vehicles. Ventilated seating can make your ride comfortable at all times.

5. Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Finally, look for a vehicle with auto-dimming mirrors. Auto-dimming mirrors help to darken the surface of the rearview and side mirrors when another pair of headlights face your vehicle. Auto-dimming mirrors have been around for a while on luxury vehicles and now can be found on high-trim versions of used standard vehicles as well.

If you want a vehicle with modern high-tech features, but you don't have too much money to spend, you will want to look for a used car that's only a few years old. For more information, contact a used auto dealer.