Ordering A Custom Semi Trailer For Your Truck

Semi trailers can be among the most common types of commercial trucks. However, there are many instances where businesses or owner-operators will need to have the trailer to their truck customized. When this need arises, there are a few customizations in particular that can be made.

Powerful Refrigeration Systems

If you are planning on hauling perishables, a powerful refrigeration system may be needed to preserve these items during the long journey. While it is possible to outfit a trailer with a freezer or refrigeration system, this will require other modifications to the trailer as well. For example, the trailer will need to be heavily insulated so that the cool air will not easily escape. Also, you will need to avoid overloading the electrical system of the truck as these systems can have intensive energy needs to operate.

Secured Interior Storage

Individuals will often imagine semi trailers as being filled with boxes of products. However, these trucks can haul items of a variety of shapes. An example of this type of item could be the need to haul furniture. These items will need to be securely held in place so that they will not rub or bump into each other in a way that causes damage. Luckily, the interior of a semi trailer can be customized with anchor and shelving systems that will allow for the items you are hauling to be held in place throughout the duration of the trip regardless of their shape. Some of these systems can be configured to be removable, which can be ideal for drivers that may have other types of loads that they need to haul.

Custom Vehicle Hauling

Some semi trailers will need to be configured so that they are capable of safely hauling another vehicle. This is often the case for racing teams and even businesses with special promotional vehicles that need to be kept safe during transit. While it is possible to retrofit a semi trailer for this purpose, it is likely that the trailer will need to undergo major changes in order to be able to support this weight. More specifically, the floor and frame of the trailer will have to be reinforced, and a special ramp system may need to be installed. If this is the reason that you need to have a custom semi trailer made, it is important to be able to provide the manufacturer with accurate specifications about the vehicle that will be hauled. This will include the height, width, and length along with its weight.

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