Is An Open Or Enclosed Trailer Best For Your Lawn Care Business?

If you have a lawn care business, you need a way to haul around your mowers and lawn tools. There are a few choices you have. You can buy an open trailer or one that's enclosed. You can buy a customized cargo trailer or a basic model. You can even choose between aluminum and steel. First, you should decide if you want an open or closed trailer. Here are some points to consider. 

If You'll Use The Trailer For Storage

If you need to store your lawn equipment in the trailer and leave it parked in your driveway during off hours, you may want an enclosed trailer so you can lock the doors and keep your equipment safe. If you unload the trailer and put your equipment in the garage at night, then an open trailer might be more convenient for you to use.

If You Do A Lot Of City Driving

One big advantage of an open trailer is that you can see better when you're backing up and switching lanes. If you drive in a congested city on a daily basis, this may be an important factor in your decision on what type of trailer to buy. While you can mount mirrors on your truck that make it possible to see well when pulling an enclosed trailer, you may feel more comfortable when you have an unobstructed view.

If You Want Vertical Storage Space

A benefit of an enclosed trailer is that you can mount shelves and storage bins on the walls for holding tools and small parts. This frees up floor space for large mowers since you won't need a large tool locker on the floor too. Having vertical storage space allows you to mount blowers and trimmers on the wall as well so they don't roll around or take up floor space.

If You Want A Mobile Work Space

An open trailer has just one basic purpose and that is to haul around your equipment. An enclosed trailer can act as a mobile work area if you need to service your tools on the job or have a place to duck into when it rains. You'll have more space than you have inside your truck for doing paperwork. With your equipment out of the way, you can work in the space or take a lunch break inside in the shade.

If Price Is Important

You might like the added perks of having an enclosed trailer, but if it isn't a necessity and cost is important, then buying a basic open trailer is a good option. It is an affordable choice and you'll be able to haul your equipment to your job sites with ease. Before choosing a trailer for your lawn care business, be sure to examine all your options and compare costs between materials such as aluminum and steel. You want a trailer that serves you well, fits your budget, and that lasts a long time.