4 Reasons Why Being A Harley Owner Is Right For You

A Harley Davidson Iron 883 isn't simply a motorcycle. It is instead a world-class machine, engineered to generate unparalleled durability, sophistication and an occasional stare of envy. Still not convinced that a Harley is right for you? Here are just a few more reasons why it's great to own one of these awesome machines.

Smarter Investment

Smart investments are those that garner the most usage. You can get this by owning a Harley. Compared to many other manufacturers, this brand is built to last. Instead of putting your money into something that you will only be able to enjoy for a short period, you can look forward to many years of riding when you properly take care of your Harley.

Better for Cruising

Some people don't like the heaviness of Harleys, but if you're someone looking to cruise and take long rides, this heaviness actually works in your favor by giving you greater comfort. First, these machines are equipped with a dual air suspension system which prevents you from feeling every bump or dip in the road. Second, the engine is placed inside a rubber mounted unit, which helps limit the amount of vibration felt from the machine. Combined, you can ride longer without fear of discomfort.

Enhanced Stability

If you're a new rider, a common area of concern is stability. Particularly when moving at higher speeds or riding on a windy day, staying balanced can be a task. The bulky frame of these machines can also help you in this area. Since they are heavy, they are less prone to swaying when meet against wind or speed, which will ultimately help keep you more balanced. The more balanced you are, the more confident of a rider you will be, which is important to your safety.  

Easier Maintenance

It can be frustrating when you have a motorcycle that you need to get serviced, yet you can't find anyone with the right certification or credentials to work on the bike. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can also be costly. With a Harley, you don't have this concern. Not only is it easier to find a mechanic to work on these machines, they are also easier to maintain than their foreign counterparts.

These represent just a handful of the reasons why being the owner of a Harley is awesome. Sitting down and speaking with a dealer can open your mind to even more advantages ownership can offer you.