Were You In An Accident? The Advantages Of Using A Nissan Certified Collision Repair Facility

If you were involved in a collision, you have the right to pick any collision repair facility you would like to repair your vehicle. Your insurance company cannot force you to go to any one place. When you are looking for a collision repair facility for repairs to your Nissan, there are many benefits to using a Nissan collision repair facility, like Western Avenue Nissan. Learning what these benefits are may help you decide if selecting one is right for you and your car. 

A Nissan Certified Collision Repair Facility Has the Training to Repair Nissan Vehicles to Nissan Standards

One of the benefits to using a Nissan certified collision repair facility is that they have the training to properly repair your Nissan automobile. Every car is manufactured different. And thanks to technological advancements, the form, function, performance and safety of the vehicle is all intertwined into the design of the car. If the car is not properly repaired, some of the parts in the car may not work as they are designed to, the car may not be as safe as it is designed to be, or the gas mileage may be affected. When your car is properly repaired, you have peace of mind that everything will function exactly as it has been designed. 

A Nissan Certified Collision Repair Facility Uses Only Nissan Factory Parts

When you are having your car repaired by a Nissan certified collision repair center, the repair center will use only genuine Nissan original equipment collision replacement parts, or OEM parts. This means that the damaged parts are replaced with a brand new, identical part, also manufactured at a Nissan facility. Many non-Nissan certified centers will use aftermarket parts, refurbished parts or used parts to repair your car. This can affect the car's value. 

Your Nissan Factory Warranty is Only Valid of OEM Parts Were Used

The last benefit of using a Nissan certified collision repair center is that you know that your warranty is still intact, if you still are covered my your Nissan new car manufacturer warranty. If any parts are placed inside of your car that are not OEM parts, your warranty can be void. This is because these parts can affect the performance of your car and lead to other parts in the vehicle failing early. If you want to ensure your warranty remains in tact, ensure the collision repair center uses only OEM parts, which is something you don't have to worry about when you have your car repaired by a Nissan certified collision repair facility. 

If you are looking to have your car repaired by one and cannot determine who is certified in your area, contact your local Nissan dealership. They can help guide you to collision repair facilities near you who have been certified by Nissan for Nissan collision repair.