How To Select A First Vehicle For Your Child

Has your teenager being sharing your car with you or your spouse? If you have decided that he or she should have a vehicle to call his or her own, you may be wondering what kind of a vehicle to purchase. If that is the case, from selecting the right car to choosing a truck, here are some ideas that might help you to make the right decision.

Think About Buying A Truck For Your Child - While your teenager might be wondering how snazzy the vehicle will be, you are probably focused on things like safety and affordability. Consider, too, what the vehicle will be used for. When you come right down to it, a truck is almost always the right choice.

  • For example, if your son or daughter mows lawns  and does lawn maintenance to earn spending money and to add to a savings account, buying a truck would be an excellent decision. If he or she has a truck, it will be easier to haul things like the lawn mower, gardening tools and other things that are needed to do his or her work.
  • A truck is a good choice for teens who are college bound, too. Eventually your child will accumulate things like furniture. Having a truck will mean that you probably won't have to rent a small moving van to transport his or her belongings.​​
  • If you have a son or daughter that is simply using the vehicle for transportation, a truck is still a smart way to go when buying a vehicle. Think about purchasing a two-passenger truck so that your teenager won't become everybody's ride. Of course, he or she might still be asked to haul things, but that is just part of owning a truck.
  • Do you have your heart set on buying a zippy car for your son or daughter? Consider looking for a fixer-upper to save money.  Consider selecting one that hasn't been in an accident.

Doing The Actual Shopping - Unless you have a deadline to meet, like a departure date for college, take your time to shop for the right vehicle.

  • Unless you have more money than you know what to do with, think about buying a used vehicle. There are even used cars and trucks that have all the latest bells and whistles on them.
  • Go to several dealerships so that you can look at a variety of vehicles. By doing that you can let sales people know that you are just starting to look for a vehicle and that you are doing comparison shopping. 
  • As you talk to salespeople, be specific about what you want, but be open to their suggestions, too. For example, you might have you eye on a specific used truck, the salesperson might show you another truck that has better gas mileage than the one you're looking at.

Consider looking at vehicles without your teenager. That way, emotions won't enter into the deal. It might be good to select two or three and let your son or daughter select from those you have already approved of.