What To Check On The Exterior Of A Used Car Before You Buy It

If you are in the market for purchasing a used car, you are going to want to make sure that you inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Here is a quick list of what you should check on the exterior of a used vehicle when you are thinking seriously about purchasing the vehicle.

#1 Curb Damage

First, check and see if there is any evidence of curb damage. This can come from running over the curb or from hitting the bump in a parking spot. Check the tires and see if there is any damage to the sidewall of the tire or if the rims look bent; those are both signs that the vehicle has suffered curb damage. Also, check under the bumper to see if it is damaged and scratched on the underside.

These visual signs can alert you to alignment and suspension issues.

#2 State Of Hubcaps

Next, check the hubcaps and see what state they are in. Does the vehicle have hubcaps? Are they damaged or loose at all? A vehicle that is well-taken care of should still have hubcaps on it. You don't want to add this expense to the cost of fixing up your new used vehicle.

#3 Tire Pressure

Bring your tire pressure gauge with you and check the tire pressure of the tires and make sure that they line up with the recommended tire pressure ratings for the vehicle. This is just one way to see if the previous owners took good care of the vehicle and paid attention to the small details.

#5 Windshield Wipers

Look at the windshield wipers and see if the plastic on the blade is worn down on the wipers. The blades on the wiper should be intact and not worn down. Once again, this is just another small detail that shows you if the vehicle was taken care of and that allows you to save money on fixing up the vehicle once you purchase it.

#6 Panel Paint

Then, look at the paint on all the panels. Is the paint starting to crack? That can be a sign of rust issues underneath the paint. You don't want to purchase a vehicle that has rust issues already. Is the paint different colors on each panel? If the paint panels are different colors, that could be a sign that the panels had been replaced previously due to an accident. This is concerning if the accident was not disclosed to you.

Be sure to really look over the outside of used cars. The condition of the outside of the vehicle can tell you if the vehicle has suspension and alignment issues, rust issues or accident issues without even getting under the hood of the vehicle. The condition of the outside of the vehicle can also let you know how well the previous owner took care of the vehicle.