Burn More Rubber For Your Buck: Top Used Vehicles That Are Almost Classics With Performance And Reliability

When you are looking for a new car, there are used cars that can give you more bang for the buck. High performance cars cost as much as a small house when your buy them new. Today, there are also many cars that are nearly classics, perform well and are an affordable alternative to new cars. Here are the top 5 performance vehicles that give you more for your investment in purchasing a car:

Modern Pony Cars Models of Any Year to Build a Modern Hot Rod and Burn Rubber

Pony cars have been manufactured since the mid-1960s and are 2-door sports cars with high-performance engines and components. Today, some of the modern pony cars in auto dealership lots include:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • Dodge Challenger

These are the cars that classify as pony cars in used car lots. There are other performance cars available that fit in other categories, such as the Buick Grand National, Pontiac Grand Prix and the Dodge Charger.

Limited Edition, High-Performance, Midsized Pickups for Performance and Practicality

There are also limited edition mid-sized pickup truck that make great used cars, but there are some things to look for if you choose to buy a truck. Some tips to buying used, high-performance trucks include:

  • Looking for vehicles only used for daily drivers
  • Getting a service record of maintenance done
  • Avoiding contractor and fleet vehicles
  • Getting a truck with near or-under 100,000 miles

The used pickup trucks hold their value, but are often used and abused. Look for pickups that have lower mileage, have been taken care of and that have not been in any accidents or had major repairs done to them.

Family Sedan Sleepers That Provide More Performance in A Family Car 

Family 4-door sedan are cars that can also have high performance packages in them. One example of this is the Ford Crown Victoria with the Police Interceptor package installed on it. There are also other sleeper cars that have unsuspecting high-performance packages in them, which are cars that seem plain but are really packing a lot of power beneath the hood. Some of the sleeper family sedans in car dealerships include:

  • 4-Door Pontiac Grand Prix
  • Ford Taurus SHO Packages
  • Dodge Charger RT and SRT Packages
  • Chevrolet Impala with The SS Package
  • Jeep Cherokee SRT
  • Honda Accord with V6 Engine
  • Ford SVT Contour

That is just a short list of sleeper cars you can choose from. You will have more to choose from and lower insurance payments if you choose something that is a little less conspicuous than conventional sports cars.

These are the top preowned cars for performance and value with vehicles that are nearly classics. Contact a used auto dealer to get your preowned high-performance car or truck.