Five Must-Have Features For Your New Car (And Why You Need Them)

Are you about to go shopping for a new car, possibly a subaru wrx? As you may know, there is so much more to consider than financing. Sure you will want to obtain the best deal, but a major part of your car buying experience comes from being able to acquire the features that will make your ride more safe and pleasant all around. That said, what should you look for in your shiny new vehicle? The following is checklist of all the important features your new car should be equipped with for the ultimate in riding comfort and safety:

1. The Best Air Bag System Possible

Air bags are an essential when it comes to protecting the safety of passengers in a vehicle that is involved in a collision. While it is a given that your new ride should come equipped with front airbags, don't settle for the standard. Ask your dealer about adaptive from seat airbags. Adaptive airbags for the front seat are designed to deploy the correct amount of force according to the driver and front seat passenger's seating position. This will give you the best protection.

In addition, your new vehicle should come equipped with curtain airbags for the side. This supplemental airbag system is designed to protect passengers in the event of a side collision. It may also provide protection in the event of a rollover accident. Many modern vehicles now come equipped with 6 or 7 airbags total, so consider this as you shop around.

2. An Anti-Lock Braking System With Electronic Stability Control

This is an enhanced safety feature you do not want to overlook. These features can help to minimize the potential effects and impact in the event of a collision or accident. It will significantly improve your control over your car if you need to abruptly apply the brakes. It helps to avoid skidding, especially if you are driving on a slippery road surface. Equally important, the anti-locking system will prevent your wheels from locking up as you come to a stop and apply the brakes.

3. Electronic Traction Control

Do you drive in an area that receives snow and ice? Icy road conditions can cause slipping and sliding and hazardous driving conditions. The same slippery conditions often occur during a heavy rainstorm. Help protect yourself and your passengers by ensuring your new vehicle is equipped with traction control.

How does it work? When you accelerate, the tires will not slip and spin out of control, as the built in sensors can detect a loss of traction from the wheels. Sensors can also detect when one wheel is spinning more than the others. It's that simple. In most cases, a driver can enable or disable the traction control feature by simply activating a button on the vehicle's front panel. Typically, an LED light will illuminate when traction control is enabled. Generally, a drover should disengage the tracking control feature when stick in mud or snow. There will be instructions on proper usage in the driver's manual.

4. Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

Along with your traction control, four wheel drive (or 4WD) is an essential feature to look for in your new car, especially if you drive over different types of terrain or during various weather conditions involving heavy snow and ice. For safety reasons, you should not drive in hazardous road conditions (or off road) without a four-wheel drive vehicle. Four wheel drive will offer you the extra traction you need to prevent slipping and sliding. Generally, a 4WD system will automatically engage when one or more tires begin to slip or skid. In some cases, the four wheel drive system is manually operated. This allows the driver to enable this feature as needed. Manual operation may improve fuel efficiency.

5. A Navigation or Global Positioning System (GPS)

This is a must-have feature for drivers who frequently drive long distance or navigate into unfamiliar territory. Looking at a physical map while driving is not only inconvenient and awkward, it can be extremely dangerous. A navigation system, commonly referred to as a GPS, that is mounted on your car's dashboard will help you get to your destination without the concern of becoming lost. Many come equipped with a three-dimensional map perspective and speed limit warning. An intuitive interface will make it easy for you to obtain directions from a clear view and from spoken direction as well.