Gift Ideas For Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts

Your local Harley-Davidson dealership has more than motorcycles for sale. A range of apparel and merchandise makes it easy to find the perfect gift for the biker in your life. Here are just a few ideas you can use when shopping for someone who loves to hit the road on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

Riding Jackets

Riding jackets do more than just keep you warm. They also provide added protection while on the road. Some jackets feature body armor and reinforced padding to help prevent injuries, along with pockets to store personal items. Look for leather jackets as a gift for riding in chilly weather, or opt for mesh jackets designed for summer riding with the same protections as warmer jackets.

Branded Apparel

With branded apparel, your favorite biker can proclaim his or her love of motorcycles even when not on the road. T-shirts, hats, button-down shirts, and handkerchiefs all offer great gift options. Look for designs that feature the brand's logo prominently, and explore different sizes to find the right fit. Consider a gift of a complete outfit for a new rider, or opt for a collection of T-shirts for a long-time enthusiast.


Helmets are essential for biking safety, and in some states, they are the law. The gift of a Harley-Davidson helmet to match his or her bike is one that will be treasured for years to come. Have fun with this idea by using it as a gift basket. Fill the helmet with sunglasses, carefully folded T-shirts, and hats for a unique gift assortment. Take this idea even further with additional gifts for the home, such as small picture frames, coffee mugs, or glassware to show off his or her love of motorcycles to guests.

Bike Accessories

Bike accessories make great practical gifts. If your biker heads to rallies throughout the year, consider the gift of a leather saddle bag or messenger bag. Water-resistant handlebar-mounted GPS systems can help your loved one stay on the right path, and audio systems let him or her bring favorite music along for the ride. Be sure to discuss which accessories his or her bike might be missing so you know which ones are perfect for this gift idea.

Your local Harley-Davidson dealer can help you to select the right riding apparel and bike accessories for the perfect gift. Even if the dealership doesn't have a large selection in the store, he or she can help you order the right items online for your beloved biker.